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Amaze uses its expertise and advanced services search engine optimization and verified all ethical SEO techniques to achieve high rankings for your website with our service guarantee.

Complete SEO Package

Our goal as an SEO services company is simple, to optimize your website content in such a way that it can be retrieved easily by various search engines.

Complete Backlink Package

We perform link building in an innovative and smart way. We develop the link exchange procedure in order to provide support to your website so that it can acquire traffic.

Custom SEO Package

We utilize a strategic combination of SEO services, link building and on-site analysis to deliver measurable and excellent results for the promotion of your business.

Answers to Your Questions

What SEO method you use?

I only follow the Google webmaster guidelines. Only White Hat Method.

Do you accept non English sites?

Yes, I accept all languages website of the world, but the articles will still be in English and having an anchor text link with your provided keywords.

How long do you continue working on my site for ?

My services are based on a 30-day process however I would recommend extending the process over a few months, I offer a discounted rate for ongoing work.

Is your service Google friendly?

Of course, my service is completely Google friendly.

How many keywords and URLs you accept?

I accept 1 Url and up-to 5 keywords.

How long can it take for first results?

SEO is a complex process, there are no magic bullets, what there is, is knowledgeable, actionable results driven opimization based on technique I have honed over many years in the industry, normally I see first results between 50 and 60 days, this is very normal in the industry,



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